Monday, December 27, 2010

As u guys know that we're performing at this year Rock The World 10! Well its been a great experience for us to play at a big stage with big named bands around Malaysia. We performed for the opening at the mainstage, kinda nervous but with helps of our crews everything's going smoothly. We also get chances to hang out and know more people in the music industry. its really been a pleasure for us the new comers in the scene. Thanks to Fat Boys Records (Hamka) for inviting us, Hope to play again at the next Rock The World!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Campur Chart Fly F.M this October 6 at Borneo Rainforest Sunway! yeahhhaaa

and yeahh we need Prom invitations! anyone? hahah

Do invite us for any events!

Contact Ariff : 0172041245

We're fasting! yeahhhh

Its Fasting month!! woahhaaaa

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well we've been lucky again, the Macbeth Footwear owned by the Blink 182 Guitarist and vocal Tom Delonge is the new endorsement for us! Thanks Macbeth! You guys also can get this Macbeth shoes at stores around Kuala Lumpur :D

*Thanks to Cipoi and Jana for the Photoshoot!

Thanks to MACBETH again! :D
Its been a while since the last time this blog was updated. BEEN BUSY :(

So after couple of months, we've already finish our recording for the new single called 'TAKKAN PERGI' at our beloved Ijai the Sound Engineer studio located at Bangi. The vocal parts took the most of the time , almost 5 days! damnn. Well its a new malay song and it will be upload soon at our Myspace and Facebook DICHI MICHI OFFICIAL page and many more *excited yeahaaaa! :)

Well about our shows lately, hmmm there are so many shows that we played some are awesome and some are not, and the worst part is there are several shows the payments have too cuts off by the organizer but we're okay. The awesomest!! (<----- its that a word?) show should be at the Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya for G0-11 ROCKABOLA CONCERT. Its a celebration for the World Cup 2010 Closing Ceremony and also the Final match and of course SPAIN RULES! and thanks for those who came to the show! :D


And yeah we also have our own Futsal Team! hahahah well the football fever aint over yet! Lau and Acong will be the striker for the team. Robot in the middle. Roy and Azam on defends. The keeper will be our crew Ash or Mon! ahhahah So if any team out there intend to fight us! Just give us a call okay! hahahah :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening for Rocket Rockers (INDONESIA) live in Malaysia!

Its the 2nd time we share stage with Indonesia band. Before this we have played with Pee Wee Gaskins. If u wanna know Rocket Rockers is the Sifu for PWG. They have played together for years at Indonesia. okay

Well the venue is at One Cafe KL. We arrived at the venue on 3 pm. Then we started to sundcheck first and followed by other band. The show start at 7 pm. The 1st band in the list is a girl band *totally forget their names* their rock! pretty awesome music! then there are several band played. We just cant watch coz we're very hungry and need something to eat. Then its our turn! well we do good i think! hahahah with acong new move, robot ACDC dance! ahhah we try to make evryone happy and enjoy! then its The Sunday. Paktam bass is kinda having problem and it sounds lil bit weird but still okay! they drove the crowd crazy! yeahh Then its Hello Is This The Band! with their songs wo-oo-woo ahha i dont know the song tittle! but it keeps me awake though hahha!
then its Rocket Rockers! damnnn! the sound, the vocal, the music arrangement! they are totally great and awesome! We we're very honored to opening for them at Malaysia! :D

Well that's all for now! more updates soon! :D
Guys have u read the preview about us in the Junk Magazine? If u're not, get urself one and tell ur friends about it! :DD