Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well we've been lucky again, the Macbeth Footwear owned by the Blink 182 Guitarist and vocal Tom Delonge is the new endorsement for us! Thanks Macbeth! You guys also can get this Macbeth shoes at stores around Kuala Lumpur :D

*Thanks to Cipoi and Jana for the Photoshoot!

Thanks to MACBETH again! :D
Its been a while since the last time this blog was updated. BEEN BUSY :(

So after couple of months, we've already finish our recording for the new single called 'TAKKAN PERGI' at our beloved Ijai the Sound Engineer studio located at Bangi. The vocal parts took the most of the time , almost 5 days! damnn. Well its a new malay song and it will be upload soon at our Myspace and Facebook DICHI MICHI OFFICIAL page and many more *excited yeahaaaa! :)

Well about our shows lately, hmmm there are so many shows that we played some are awesome and some are not, and the worst part is there are several shows the payments have too cuts off by the organizer but we're okay. The awesomest!! (<----- its that a word?) show should be at the Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya for G0-11 ROCKABOLA CONCERT. Its a celebration for the World Cup 2010 Closing Ceremony and also the Final match and of course SPAIN RULES! and thanks for those who came to the show! :D


And yeah we also have our own Futsal Team! hahahah well the football fever aint over yet! Lau and Acong will be the striker for the team. Robot in the middle. Roy and Azam on defends. The keeper will be our crew Ash or Mon! ahhahah So if any team out there intend to fight us! Just give us a call okay! hahahah :D