Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dichi Michi

Hello friends! We are Dichi Michi a band from Kajang, Malaysia. First of all we wanna thanks to all friends and fans that have been supported us from the beginning of the band. For who don't know us, we're consist of Firdaus (Robot) and Ariff (Lau) as the guitarist and vocalist. For bass we have Faizal (Acong). The music we played has a touched from synthesizer that been played by Azam (Ajam) and he also the vocalist. For drums we have Rozaily (Roy). As for now, We have released our 1st ever EP called "SOUNDS OF NEW HOPE' consist of four songs. There are 3 english songs and 1 malay songs. The list are :

1) Lost in Final Year
2) Fine Without You
3) Realiti dan Fantasi
4) Stop It! Here's Our Treat

These songs is about our teenage life, highschool years, love and romance and about our surroundings. ALL OF THIS SONGS IS WRITTEN BY US (DICHI MICHI). Hope u guys enjoy listening to it as we are.