Monday, April 26, 2010


Its been a long time since this blog last updated. We're so sorry but everyone is been very busy with things and all stuff. So now, let us tell you what have we've been through and what had just happened in a past few months. Well, Dichi Michi now is already under the production of Tunestone Studio. Another local band One Buck Short is also under the production. As you all know that, OBS is our mentor and they help us a lot and give us guidance to keep survive in the industry. Luckily for us :DD Well basically this production provides us studio to practice and recording for free. But for now, the studio is still under construction so we can just practice there like 2-3 times a week. Every session will be up till 5 hours. Its tiring! hahah but we're enjoyed it so much!

p/s : tunestone tudio is located at Petaling Jaya

Well about shows, this year we already been to Penang. Then Cherating for Billabong Surf Comp Show. We also been twice to Terengganu! The first time we've been there with Avalons Whisper and the 2nd time with The Padangs! and for sure we met Hello Is This The Band! Well both shows is amazing! OMG the crowd is so hyperactive! WE LOVE TERENGGANU FANS! and also a very much thanks to Mad Monster Attack for helping us a lot there at Terengganu! :D

We also played at a very awesome show at MMU Creative Night! the show was so awesome! we we're not very puasss to played at the show and we wanna play more songs but there are still many performers want to perform and the organizers dnt have much time to let us play more! but its okay! we still enjoyed the show so much!

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So thats all for now :D

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